Innovative thinking transforms problems and challenges into opportunities.

Brands must evolve to remain competitive as competitors, cultural trends, and consumer behaviour change.

Developing business capabilities and expertise also provide the opportunity to innovate.
innovation types

Three key areas where we innovate

1. Opportunity

By applying semiotic mapping and other methodologies, we identify 'white-space' innovation opportunities in culture, consumers' lives, and categories.

2. New Product Development

Optimising new product development through proprietary processes, which are validated by collaborative qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

3. Behavioural

Create new ways to engage people with your product or service through behavioural innovation.

Beyond the Innovation Journey

innovation journey

Further developing the innovation opportunity

  1. Integrating the innovation into an existing brand identity or creating a new one.

  2. Identify the semiotic codes, symbolism, and narratives most effective for marketing the opportunity.