Semiotics is the analysis of meaning and how it is created. Every brand embodies meaning, and everyone consumes meaning.

We strive to learn more about the meaning behind, and within, a brand, the life and behaviour of people, and the socio-cultural context in which they live.
By analyzing signs, semiotics reveals the underlying codes, rules, and structures of culture.
Market Research

How does semiotics play a role in marketing and branding?

Semiotics creates a deeper understanding of how the four Ws interact: Who? What? Why? When?

It reveals the social and cultural forces that are at work behind our beliefs, behaviour, and psychology that we are not always consciously aware of .

Semiotics transforms insight by contextualising understanding.

Semiotics can contribute uniquely to four key aspects of branding and marketing.

semiotics in marketing

Semiotic Services

  • Identifying cultural and social trends
  • Mapping trend movements and momentum
  • Foresight: predictive cultural and trend analysis
  • Innovating from cultural trends
  • Market opportunity identification
  • Semiotic ideation
  • Consumer behaviour modelling
  • Consumer journeys 
  • Buyer persona’s & consumer typologies
  • Cultural and social positioning
  • Brand asset evolution
  • Brand meaning differentiation
  • Mapping changing category meaning
  • Brand and category audits
  • Communication strategy evaluation and development
  • Brand symbolism & visual narrative analysis
  • Visual identity & packaging audits
  • CX development
  • UX development and evaluation
  • Website identity development
  • Online brand persona development
  • Servicescape development
  • Shopper narrative analysis
  • Retail semiotics